Priscila Canales


Priscila Canales, of Colombian and Peruvian heritage, was born in Mexico City.  
After studying painting in Italy, she returned to Mexico to study metal smith and enamel work at the Centro Artesanal Independencia in Mexico City.

In 1994, she opened her workshop in Cuernavaca.  Almost all of Priscila’s work is done manually. She uses techniques that include repoussé, enamel work, and manual piercing. Lost wax cast is done exclusively from wax models, which she has carved herself.

Each piece is made by hand; even when a design is meant to be repeated it remains unique.  Inspiration comes from many sources including nature, the sea and pre-Hispanic culture.

“Silver is our main form of expression and we like to add color using stones and enamel. I think the techniques one uses are based on what one has learned along the way. Like language, one could say that we learned to speak and express ourselves through the techniques of repoussé, piercing and lost wax casting”.

Priscila Canales Image