Sasha Bell


I think I have always known that I wanted to make jewelry. I took beading classes in my very early teens and made jewelry for friends and family on every occasion: this has been my creative medium ever since I can remember. Watching a close family friend who is a goldsmith, I recall being so full of amazement and wonder at the idea that someone could take metal, a seemingly unmovable subject, and magically change it into beautiful and creative shapes. I think possibly I believed that it was some sort of secret alchemy, and I had to find out how it all worked. Unraveling the mystery of how metal moves and forms itself is still the focus of my passion to this day.

I attended the local art college in my hometown, the Kootenay School of the Arts, and completed 2 years of small object and jewelry design. I loved what I was learning! After college, I played around with designing, but it did not occur to me that I could make a ‘real’ living from metal. What I did know was that that I loved working for myself and that I needed to use my hands and to be creative in order to be happy. This to me is the ultimate expression of who I am.

My current collection began about 4 years ago when I moved from rural British Columbia, Canada to Los Angeles. While I was waiting for my residence, I was unable to work for a while, so I set up my torch and work desk and got creative! Having this time to explore and create without the pressure of a real ‘job’ was the magical formula. I was creating for hours and hours everyday, insatiably translating all of my ideas into metal. I began to sell my work on Etsy with a wonderful feedback and the rest is history! My jewelry business continues to grow and has organically evolved into a full time endeavor.